As the global economy is becoming more digital, customer data is increasing and machine learning technologies are perfectly poised to unlock its value

Machine Learning can improve in proximity targeting, customer segmentation, churn  prevention and  ultimately increase MROI.

Improving the ROI dollars spent by optimizing marketing campaigns

Reducing churn by looking at the evolution of the customer's profiles

Forecasting LTV to improve marketing budget forecasting

Customer segmentation

Our algorithms based on sub-group discovery are very effective at spotting small groups of customers that behave in a similar fashion. Successful Customer segmentation is paramount to reducing MROI through targeted actions.

Customer churn prediction

Using a historical dataset of customers who churned in the past and discovering patterns within this data, we can forecast  the current customers that have a high probability of churning.  Marketers are therefore enabled to implement churn preventive actions that also improve MROI.

Customer lifetime value forecasting

Our machine learning systems are an excellent way to predict the LTV of existing customers. Business forecasts and growth prediction often rely on  LTV.  As these forecasts  drive marketing spending, good LTV prediction is a key reducing costs.

You have data! We have the solutions